New Version Released! - Version 4.13

Version 4.13 of our Label Maker Software has been released, with improved compatibility with many different Avery, Neato, PressIT & PC Line Labels

Looking For the Perfect CD or DVD Cover?

Ever wanted to print the perfect cover for your home DVDs? What about that CD of your band? Your album's cd cover needs a great look too, huh?

We'd like to introduce you to one of the web's most popular cd label makers. It's the one of the best label maker software titles available, and you can try it right now for FREE

An overview of our label maker:

Thousands of happy users can't be wrong: Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator is the one of the most popular cover editor software products on the market today. Our cover designer puts the power in YOUR hands and gives you the easy to use tools to create decorative, imaginative and original art for your CD's and DVD's.

Whether you want to add a picture to your baby's first DVD, or you need to create a great looking label for your MP3 tracks, Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator can help you do it quickly and without a lot of hassle.

Think about some of these label projects:

  • Why not use our label editor to print a personalized cover for each of the home DVDs you've made of your child's milestones?
  • A creative look for the cover of your CD containing all your favorite MP3s.
  • An amazing cover design for the DVD you were planning to give as a gift.
  • A memorable design for a cd to play at your wedding, and even give to your guests as favors!

Best of all, Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator is fun to use, and its easy to learn interface means you can be an expert user right away. Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator even allows you to upload your own photos so you can use them to decorate your CD's or DVD's. Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator also comes with many colorful and interesting templates that can be used over and over again!

Create a great cover design for the CD of love songs you're giving your significant other for Valentine's Day with an easy-to-use template. Make a creative label for the DVD of your child's first Christmas with another template. With so many great customizable designs, you'll get the results you desire the first time without any difficulty on your part.

When you're ready to print, Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator even comes with the ability to choose how you want to print your CD cover, DVD label, or case covers. You can print on plain white paper, sticky labels and case templates.

Every feature of this program has been designed for you to handle it with ease. Even if you have trouble navigating most computer programs, you'll find this one a cinch, and you'll fall in love with your new cover editing abilities. It may just become your favorite hobby.

Check out these cover editor screen shots! Look at how simple it is to get perfect results - first time.

Our label maker is not over complicated yet it still has all the features you might need to design your labels and cases.
  • Full cd, dvd and disc label designer interface
  • Full support for standard cd jewel cases, standard dvd cases, slimline cd cases and slimline dvd cases.
  • Add your own cd cover, dvd cover or console images, or use one from our template library
  • Drag and Drop your images into your cover design.
  • Automatically resizes images to fit your dvd/cd case and disc label
  • Make adjustments to the printed size and position of your labels.
  • Add track listings, titles/artists and spine text
  • Alter background colors, fonts and font colors
  • Save and re-use your covers and labels once you have finished designing them
  • Support for plain paper printing as well as stock labels/sticky disc labels
  • Will work on Windows XP, 98, ME, 2000, NT

Download your free trial here