Tutorial: Creating a DVD Case Insert and Disc Label.

As soon as Easy CD & DVD Cover starts you will be presented with the screen shown below. Choose the type of cover to work on, choose standard or slimline DVD cover and click the 'Continue' button:

Choose between Standard CD Case & Label, Slimline CD Case & Label, Standard DVD Case & Label and Slimline DVD Case & Label to start the label maker.

Step 2.
The label editor screen appears. This screen shows a visual representation of your cover so you can see how your dvd label and dvd disc label will look when you print. Two important buttons to note at this point are the "View Cover" and "View Disc" buttons at the top of the screen. Click on these buttons to switch between the DVD Cover and Disc Label. When you are done, click on "View Cover" to view your blank DVD Case Template.

Step 3.
At this point your dvd case is looking a bit boring. To spice it up you can add your own digital photo, or pre-scanned image. To do this click the "Choose Images" button. The screen that appears will allow you to choose between stretching one image across the entire dvd case, and using two separate images for the front and back of the dvd case. Select "Choose one image for the whole cover" and then click on the "Choose Image" button to browse for the image you wish to use. Once you have chosen the image click "Continue" to see your image appear on the template.

Step 4.
If you like, you can now add text to both the front and back of the dvd case. This is useful for adding the title of the movie, or contents of your dvd. To do this, click the "Cover Text" button. Once you have entered the text you wish to appear, click "OK" and your text should appear on the dvd template. Note that the text in the screenshot is white. If you cannot see your cover text because your background image is dark, click the "Font" button to change the appearance of your text.

Step 5.
All that is left to do is design your matching dvd disc label. Click on the "View Disc" button to view your dvd disc label. You can now repeat the steps above to design your label.

Step 6.
Click the print button to print your finished dvd label and dvd case template!