Welcome to the Easy CD and DVD Cover Creator Frequently Asked Questions Page

Q. I've lost my serial number. Can you resend it?
A. Yes, we can email your serial number to the email address you registered with. Click here to retrieve it now.

Q. My registration code is being rejected.
A. If you have just purchased, please download the trial version again and re-enter your serial number. If the serial is still rejected, please try copy and paste to enter your serial (to avoid mistyping it). To do this, highlight the serial number and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. Then press Ctrl+V to paste the serial number into the serial number entry box within our label maker software.

Q. I purchased the software a while ago but have uninstalled/wiped my computer. How do I re-install the software?
A. Please download and install the latest trial version and re-enter your serial number.

Q. I've lost my serial number/registration code.
A. Please contact us to ask for it to be resent. Please include your name and email address in your email.

Q. Can I create slimline cd and dvd cases?
A. Yes. Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator support both standard and slimline covers. Just choose the format you require from the "New Cover" screen.

Q. Can I print the CD label without printing the jewel case/dvd case cover as well?
A. Yes. When you click the print button a screen will appear to allow you to choose the elements you wish to print. Untick the "Cover" option, leaving just the "Disc" option ticked.

Q. Part of the label or cover is missing, or is printed on across two pages.
A. This is usually caused by incorrect size paper being loaded into the printer. Check that your printer settings are set to the paper size you are using. If this does not solve the problem, please ensure you have the latest drivers for your printer, or contact us for further assistance.

Q. Can I save my design as a jpg, gif or bmp?
A. You can save your design as an ezc file only.  Both our pro and lite versions support ezc files. Exporting to another format is not possible at this time.

If you question is not answered, please contact us.